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These are just a few of the countless testimonials we've received from our customers. If we haven't convinced you to subscribe yet, maybe they can: is one of the premier college football fantasy sites on the web today and we're happy at Phil Steele publications to have them contribute to our weekly fantasy blogs. There is not a week that goes by that I don't compare their top fantasy selections to ours and find their content highly valuable when trying to pick the top players for the week!

Brandon M. Pertner
Assistant Editor
Phil Steele Publications
Cleveland, Ohio was named as one of "Five Websites That Will Turn You Into a Fantasy-Sports Phenom" by the Wall Street Journal.

"College football may be as popular as ever, but it's just gaining a toehold in the world of fantasy. This site covers everything you need to know about college players both established, and on the way up."

Wall Street Journal (@CFFGeek) was identified by Athlon Sports as one of the "620 Twitter Accounts Every College Football Fan Should Follow in 2015".

CFG Customer

Whether it's preseason or in-season coverage, is a must-visit for all college fantasy football players. Todd DeVries is a wealth of college fantasy information, including sleepers that will end up as some of the top performers each year. If you don't check out before your draft, you are making a big mistake.

Steven Lassan
College Football Editor

When it comes to knowing the college fantasy game, there is no one better than Todd DeVries at His immense knowledge of the game can not only ensure you win at college fantasy football, but he can also be a huge help in your NFL yearly and dynasty leagues. He has a keen eye for which big time college players will continue to produce at the next level and he is in many ways, a foremost authority on fantasy football scouting!

Nathan Zegura
Fantasy Football Columnist & On-air Analyst,

Todd DeVries is everything as advertised, a true College Football Geek. He has established himself in the fantasy sports world as well by talking college football from a fantasy perspective on National Radio. There is nobody else that I know that has as much passion and knowlege for college football than Todd. Through his passion, he makes the non-college football fan interested in hearing what he has to say which is tough to do with anything.

Justin "Fensty" Fensterman
SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Todd DeVries and are must reads for anyone interested in college football - fantasy or otherwise. Whether its players, conferences or individual teams, no one does a better job breaking down the college game than

Steve Kyler
Show Host, ESPN Radio 1040 Tampa really stepped up their Daily Fantasy coverage big time in 2014. I used the FFCPI every week and was up $4,000 for the season. THANK YOU GEEKS!


I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the hard work you have put into CFG over the years. The stats and tools you provide have become must-haves for me when building my FanDuel lineups.

Gary from Omaha, NE

As a first time DFS player in 2014, I was a little bit apprehensive to invest heavily. I began dabbling in the first half of the season, and thanks to the CFG staff, by the time the bowls rolled around I was up $1,000! Can't wait to dive in head first in 2015!


I used your FFCPI religiously to help set my lineups and my DraftKings balance tripled as a result.

Tony from Charlotte, NC

I’m pissed at myself that I didn't find your website until November! Loved the FFCPI and DFS advice on value plays.

Crimson Ted FOREVER

I've been with you guys since 2009. Started with Traditional Fantasy. Now I'm more of a Daily player. Love the transition your site has made to cover both sides of College Fantasy. Keep up the good work.

Fred from Austin, TX

Huge thanks to the CFG crew for helping me pocket over $10,000 in DFS winnings this fall! The tools and stat analysis set you guys apart from other sites. Kudos.

Pete M.

I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you to you and your staff for providing top-notch college fantasy football material throughout the course of the year. The mock draft feature, cheat sheets, and WW pickups (just to name a few) are all badass! If you guys ever decide to charge for your hard work, I for one would pay. Thank you again. Keep up the excellent work.

Jack, CFG subscriber

2010 Champs and MUCH THANKS TO THE GEEKS! Just wanted to write a little thank you for all the advice this year...only my 2nd year in my league and already a champion!

Capt. Redbeard

132-119 good guys, championship! I really enjoyed our conversations here at CFG this year and felt the advice and consent from the site made me a better college fantasy player, especially early in the season or before the season even started. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to continuing our college football discussions deep into bowl season, and beyond.


I was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and win my title game! Thanks to everyone at CFG for all the help throughout the season and most of all for helping make the college football season more bearable despite the legendary face-plant by my Longhorns.

Longhorns United

Just won my first fantasy football championship! The Geeks were huge contributors to the victory, thanks!


Love the honest, genuine & accurate information. Emails with the CFG staff were addressed in a timely manner and never overlooked. You guys do great research and show knowledge of what you are talking about and allow the perspective that it's still a bit of a guess. You detail your answers to show clarity and you come off as good guys. Your content is why I keep coming back!

CFG Customer

With Blackmon's last touchdown, I clinched my championship tonight. Wanted to give a shoutout to CFG for all of the help this year!


I've been following your site for the past three season. Thanks to your help, I've won my college fantasy title EVERY SINGLE year! I credit CFG for being my “secret weapon” in winning these championships. My biggest fear is that my competition will eventually find your site and it'll even out the playing field! Thanks a million for your awesome analysis and advice!

CFG Customer

I managed to squeeze out a 5 point victory in my title game! Much props go to the CFG gurus. You guys do a wonderful job of breaking down the game and helping with “Strategery”. On a personal note the dialogue with my fellow football fanatics has been a welcome diversion from serious family obligations. For that I will always be grateful. Take Care.


Champs again thanks to this great site!!! Thanks to everyone at CFG for the great advice this season. Almost Champs (my team name) are champs again! Thanks.


Thanks to CFG for the help and advice over the past couple of months. I'll make sure to join in the bowl contest and be back next season!!


I ended up winning my Championship game with Touchdown Toby Gerhart doing his thing against ND. Thanks again CFG for all the help!


CFG has by far the best college fantasy football rankings/research in my opinion. By far the best community as well!

CFG Customer

I love CFG's Weekly Rankings and I used them every week to set my lineup. They are extremely helpful. Ask the Geek also helped me a great deal. Fellower CFG-ers answered my questions bluntly. I really liked the Saturday Morning Chat, it was great to log on while watching college gameday and chat to others.

CFG Customer

The insight on CFG is second to none, easily the best college fantasy football site about.

CFG Customer

The CFG weekly player rankings are huge! Waiver articles are a big help. Your info is timely as well.

CFG Customer

Love the player rankings and the forums. By far the best college fantasy football site on the net!

CFG Customer

Your player ranking were great! Also loved the start 'em sit 'em reports. Thanks for your help!

CFG Customer

The CFG experts are knowledgeable and friendly! You guys are the best and are my go-to site for college football.

CFG Customer

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