In 2012, CFG teamed up with NFL fantasy veterans FFChamps.com to bring you the best tools in all of College Fantasy Football. Their flagship product for the past 14 years is the Fantasy Football Champs Performance Index (FFCPI), "The Most Powerful Prediction tool in Fantasy Football".

The FFCPI is a built on an intricate mathematical formula, but also blends in the human element, to rank players each week.

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The FFCPI takes the stress out of building your weekly rosters. It highlights the players you are tracking so you can clearly tell whom the FFCPI recommends to plug into your lineup. The FFCPI is updated daily throughout the college football season, right up until kickoff. Here's a screenshot of the detail page:

Our new and improved FFCPI ranks over 400 players each week, and is jam-packed with fantasy information: stat averages, Fantasy PPG, Opponent Fantasy PPG by position, DFS salary information, DFS Dollars-Per-Point, Last 3 Games Fantasy PPG, injury info and more!

You will have the ability to filter the schools, players and games that matter to you. Want to see the DraftKings evening game set? You have the capability? Want to see a wide-open ranking for all 128 FBS teams? No problem.

All of the data columns are sortable for your convenience.

We also offer an overview FFCPI page to serve as your weekly cheatsheet with all positional rankings listed in one spot:

Because we believe in our rankings system so much, we provide our subscribers with the "FFCPI Analysis" each week. It shows you the previous week's FFCPI report and compares it to the player's actual stats.

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