College Fantasy Football Cheatsheet

Our Cheatsheets are completely customizable and geared toward your league's settings, which is why we call it the C3 (CollegeFootballGeek Customizable Cheatsheet). There's nothing to download or install, our Cheatsheet operates right on our site. Import your College Fantasy Football league's scoring system and other league variable, and the C3 will create a custom rankings list based on’s projections and your league's rules.

There's no team limit on our Cheatsheets, so once you use it for one team, you'll want to use it for all your Fantasy Football teams.

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Take a look at these screenshots for a better idea of how our Cheatsheets help you win Championships

H ere's where you enter your league's scoring system and lineup requirements. Once your information is entered our system will generate player rankings based on our stat projections and your scoring system. 

Here it is - your custom built Cheatsheet. Your players will appear highlighted in the color of your choice for quick and easy visibility. The C3 includes projected College Fantasy Football points, Average Draft Position (ADP) and Bye week. Take notice of the dotted lines separating players, this is our Tiering system. If you are unfamiliar with how to draft using our Tiering strategy, don't worry – our Fantasy Football University will tell you everything you need to know. 

The above screen shot is an Overall Rankings list. Instead of breaking down each Cheatsheet into positions, this is one master list with every player ranked according to their projected stats.  

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