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At, WE PREPARE YOU TO WIN. It's our job to get you into the Fantasy Football Playoffs.

We don’t just talk the talk- we walk the walk. It is our job to ensure that you have a strong draft, identify the top sleepers, make the right pickups and trades, and have the proper players in place for your lineup. It is our job to get you into the playoffs and give you the best shot at winning your College Fantasy Football Super Bowl.  
Our accomplishments speak more than words, so check out this link and see for yourself.  

How does this benefit you as our subscriber? Simple. We are the most successful college fantasy football advice site in the business and you are coming to us for advice. Once you sign up with, you will receive expert guidance from our team from the National Letter of Intent Day in February right through the National Title Game in January. Whether you are competing for money, pride, or money and pride, we will be there for you with our brand new Draft Kit (via technology created by NFL industry leaders, our expert daily content, our weekly rankings, and our one-on-one expert advice. Whether you want to rely on us for all your Draft and In Season advice or need an unbiased expert check and balance your own decisions, will be there for you, with the best advice, tools, and customer support.  

It’s not a hobby it’s an obsession 

Everyone from the guys that own to our team of renowned experts are fantasy football maniacs. Whether it’s high stakes, dynasty, re-draft, public or private leagues, followers dominate their own leagues. And we want you to do the same. Because like you, we know College Fantasy Football is more than a game or hobby. It’s an obsession, a lifestyle, and requires a lot of time and effort. Luckily our staff handles all the dirty work so you can enjoy the beautiful finished product that is  

The Home Depot®  of college fantasy football tools is a one stop shop for every college fantasy football tool you ever wanted. While other sites take a break during the “off-season” is working hard every day, 12 months of the year. Besides having the best tools, has the best price. 2011 SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FREE!  
Here’s a fresh look at just some of the tools will be offering: 


Before you can win a single game, you'll need to draft your team. You'll need to prepare yourself mentally for your draft, and be ready when your name is called to pick the right players.  
The Tools 

  • CollegeFootballGeek Customizable Cheat sheet (C3): The foundation of your preseason: the cheat sheet. Our friends from have perfected the preseason fantasy football cheatsheet.  And it translates perfectly over from the NFL to college football.  Our team of experts and proprietary algorithm projects player stats, rank players, determine tiers, and finds all the sleepers. You get an easy-to-follow cheat sheet to take to your draft. Follow our drafting strategy and we guarantee you will find excellent value at every single pick during your draft. 

  • Fantasy Football University: We have a full featured FF University available to everyone and the tuition is free. Go from Freshman to Doctor in "FF" in 1 season - a great tool for newbies and a superior refresher course for veterans. Our 10 Commandments of Fantasy Footall is a MUST read for every player, every year. 

  • Draft Kit: Simply put, you won't find a more informative draft kit anywhere else. It’s updated daily, includes draft and auction strategy, sleepers and busts, rookie profiles and shines the spotlight on the players with the most question marks or potential value fluctuations. We also rank and analyze the top players at every position - offense and defense. You asked-we provided. Championships aren't won at the draft, but they are born there. Dominate your draft with the draft kit! 

  • Mock Drafts: Practice, practice, practice. You wouldn't want your favorite college football team walking onto the field without practicing, so why do you walk into your draft without doing a mock draft? Using our revolutionary new software, you can draft against real people or computer controlled opponents in a variety of formats, available 24 hours a day leading up to opening day. 

  • Draft Tracker: When it's your turn to pick, it's not always about what your team needs, but what other teams need too. By using our Draft Tracker, you'll always know exactly what each team's needs are, so you can anticipate what your opponents will do next. Why draft another running back when you know he'll still be there next round? Get the most value out of your draft! And when your opponents are analyzing your draft, round-by-round, smile when they call you a psychic. 

Once you've signed up for a college fantasy football league — whether it’s online or offline, with friends or strangers — you're going to need to prepare for your draft. The preseason articles and Draft Kit will provide you with continuous updates leading up to Week 1.  

By participating in Mock Drafts, you'll have an idea of which players will be available on draft day. You can draft against other members, guaranteeing solid competition as you're all armed with the CFG edge, or against computer opponents which use a special formula that resembles real people in real drafts, so you don't feel like you're up against a computer. You'll need to think on your toes, just like in your real draft.

Draft Day 

It all comes down to this. You've been reading the articles, analyzing the statistics, and practicing your draft strategies. Now it's draft day. What do you do?  

If your draft is online, simply load up your Draft Tracker prior to your draft, and keep it open alongside your league's draft window. As picks are made in the draft, you select the players in your draft tracker, and you'll immediately have an updated cheat sheet with all the drafted players removed, and a draft tracker showing you your entire league's running rosters so you'll always know what positions the other owners need.  

If your draft is offline, you can print out a blank Draft Tracker and a copy of your customized cheat sheet, or you can use our Offline Draft Tracker. The Offline Draft Tracker allows you to load your customized settings onto your laptop for use at your draft location, even if you don't have Internet access there. Once you get home, you simply click a button and all your draft info is uploaded to the website and stored in MyTeams.  

In Season 

The college fantasy football season is a 13-week marathon for fantasy owners. Every week, there will be a few things to do to give you the best shot at winning. At, we make it easy to do everything you need to win your league(s) and still have time to have a life. Don't waste your whole week trying to find that edge when we hand it to you on a silver platter.  

The Tools  

  • FFCPI (Fantasy Football Champs Performance Index): We are taking FFChamps’ flagship product and using it to dominate the college game. Using a combination of sophisticated computer algorithms, trend analysis, and our natural talents that go beyond gut instincts, we’ll produce the FFCPI every week of the year. When it's time to set your roster for the week, you simply look at the FFCPI. The players on your team will be highlighted, and it's easy to see who's ranked higher for the week. Simply start the guys who have the highest FFCPI values and you're guaranteed to have the best shot at winning. Our FFCPI is updated daily, right up until game time on Sunday. Stop losing because you made the wrong lineup decision, use the FFCPI and never question your lineup again.

  • Hot Pickups: The draft is only half the battle. Early in the week, we'll analyze the Hot Pickups of the week in your league's free agency pool or on your waiver wire. Don't let your opponents pick up the next stud running back!  Championships are born at the draft, but Won on the Waiver Wire. 

  • Expert Advice: When the going gets tough, the tough.... ask for advice. Simply select which of your teams you need help with, enter your questions (trades, waiver pickups, etc.) and our expert staff members will analyze your roster and scoring options. All our answers are customizable and based on your league settings. Let us be your co-GM, don’t worry we won’t take a commission when you win your league’s Championship. 

  • Pregame & Side by Side: It doesn't get easier than this. The two easiest ways to view your stats and tools, with no fluff. 

  • Player Charts: Our player bios and comparison tools give you extensive charts to easily see how good a player really is. 

The Technology

For the last ten years, has re-designed and re-programmed their website over and over to constantly provide their audience with the absolute best fantasy tools and information on the web.  Now, we at have access to this killer set of tools!  

  • Speed and Reliability

    We work hard to ensure that our site is super fast and always accessible, especially when you need it most: Saturday mornings. Don't take your chances with other sites that can't handle the pressure.  

  • Less Page Refreshes

    Why click on a player's name and then wait 30 seconds for their bio page to load? It always seems to be in a different window, too. Who needs that? You'll be amazed when you see how easy it is to navigate our site. The information you need is always at your fingertips, and never more than a click away.  

  • RSS Feeds

    Stay a step ahead by getting the news before everyone else! Get updated as soon as we post new content, and react before your league opponents can.  

  • Customization

    We've got the most customizable fantasy football website available! Put things where you want them, and view only the information you need. Our powerful MyTeams feature is the heart and soul of your customizations. Enter your league(s) scoring info and roster details, and the site changes to match your needs.  

  • Tools

    We offer a long list of tools to our subscribers. Each one is designed from the ground up with one thing in mind: winning. We take feedback very seriously, and if our users are telling us we need something - we build it. We want nothing more than to see you win every week, and we will stop at nothing to provide you with all the tools you need to make it happen. We use our own tools, too; so why wouldn't we want to do everything we can to win, right?  

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